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Searching for cheap fares can be time-consuming. And if you don’t enjoy the treasure hunt, it can be a huge hassle. But finding cheap airfare can mean the difference between traveling once a year to Florida (fun) or being able to take your family to Paris (once in a lifetime). Many times the big price of the trip is the cost to get there.

Luckily we at The Cheap Fares like to look for cheap airline fares and send them to our friends so we are opening this up to everyone who would likes to find great deals.

What departure airports do you send alerts for? Right now we are sending alerts for a handful of airports in the US, and are looking to expand to other airports as demand grows.

Worried that we will spam you every day?  The only thing we hate more than paying full price for plane tickets is going through our spam folder so we don’t want to do that to you.  If you are getting emails from us every day this means there is a major sale going on but usually you will only receive emails when we see great fares.

So sign up to start saving, start traveling the world, and be the envy of your nosy neighbor.

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